The European New Beat (1987-1992)

The emergence of new beat in Belgian is usually treated as if it was a industrial dance music. Music Basement argues that while the early impetus came from reheated versions of industrial and EBM, it was the techno and acid experiments of a younger generation that really pushed dance music forward.

Check out the releases that are already on the site:

Bing Bong – My Brother Death (1989)
Bôkaye’ – Ethno Groove
Spiritual Sky – Sky My House Band (Ecoutez Et Répétez) (1989)

Chico Crew – Acid Pages (1989)

Very first 12″ single released by German band Chico Crew on famous Merenberg based label ZYX Records.


  • Acid Pages (Book Mix)
  • Acid Pages (Church Mix)


D.E. – Full Moon (1992)

Early-90’s leftfield label EMI Greece provides us with this interesting and underrated single by D.E (Akis Daoutis) released in ’92! We definitely recommend to play straight the flipside track “Full Moon (Dub Version)” which is an amazing mid tempo synth gem.


  • Full Moon
  • Full Moon (Dub Version)



Dreams – The Rhythm Of My Dreams (1988)

Release by Belgian project Dreams (Wouter Van Belle) on small label New Groove Records in 1988.


  • The Rhythm Of My Dreams
  • Dreams (First Mix)
  • Dreams (Final Dance)



Executive Slacks / Ca Sa – So Mote It Be / 15 Minutes (1988)

This is the second record of four special releases, each with two dark new beat, new wave or acid tracks.


  • Executive Slacks - So Mote It Be
  • Ca Sa - 15 Minutes


Foolish Mind – Trip To Africa (1987)

“Trip To Africa” is an single by Foolish Mind that was released in 1987 on the label CIM. The genres for this is synth-pop and new beat.


  • Trip To Africa
  • You



Ghostdance – Ghostdance (1989)

Release by Belgian group Ghostdance on small label Complete Kaos in 1989.


  • Ghostdance (Surprise Mix)
  • Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix)
  • Ghostdance (Hardbeat Mix)


Inouï – Externia (1989)

Killer late 80’s New Beat cut from Belgium by Inouï (William Coosemans, Stephan Rosseneu en Tom Vandemoortele).


  • Externia
  • Externia (Instrumental)



Jade 4 U – Rainbows (1988)

“Rainbows” is certainly official debut single by Jade 4 U (Cornelia Anita Dominika) released in ’88 on the Belgium New Beat oriented label Subway (A division of Antler Records).


  • Rainbows (Midnight Mix)
  • Rainbows (7'' Version)
  • Rainbows (Instrumental)



Joy – She And I (Elle Et Moi) (1987)

Nice New Beat cut from French by Joy and produced by Jean-Claude Maury in 1987.


  • She And I (Elle Et Moi)
  • She And I (Elle Et Moi) (Remix)
  • Marc Mood
Free download


Konzept – Human Transmission (1990)

Monster New Beat 12” by German duo Konzept (Giora Schein, Holger Wick) on New Zone Records in 1990.


  • Human Transmission (Cybotron Mix 2)
  • Human Transmission (Video/Radio Edit)
  • The Last Night (Spectral Mix)


Lhasa – Acetabularia / Acetatechno (1989)

Lhasa is the brainchild of Alain Raes from Siegen, Germany…


  • Acetabularia V 2.3
  • Acetatechno V 2.3
Free download



Lhasa – The Attic (1990)

The Attic” is the real deal on this 12” single released on famous Gent based label Music Man Records.


  • The Attic
  • Feel Dis Beat On
  • Adhesive


Logo – Combien (1990)

Monster early 90’s New beat tune by studio project Logo (Jan Van Den Bergh, Patrick Selinger) released on Antwerp based label USA Import Music.


  • Combien
  • Combien (Instrumental)


Neon – Voices (1988)

Voices(Remix) is the one of the releases by Belgian project Neon (Frank Van Der Heyden, J.P. Bulté, Luc Devriese, Peter Peyskens, William Pawelzik) on label Target Records in 1989.


  • Voices (Remix)
  • Le Macho Du Mambo (Arabian Mix)


Public Relation – Eighty Eight (1988)

Monster late 80’s New Beat tune by band Public Relation (Daniël Holderberg, Didier Biot, Patrick Degraeve) released on London based label R & S Records.


  • Eighty Eight (Vocal)
  • Eighty Eight (Instrumental)
  • Vava (Instrumental)


Schicksal – 24 Hours (1988)

Schicksal is the alias of Rudi Huybrechts, one of Belgium’s most adventurous electro and body beat artists, active since the 80’s.


  • 24 Hours
  • 24 Hours (Acid)
  • Manipulation$



Takis – Paris-Istanbul (Remix) (1988)

Paris-Istanbul” is a monster tight and groovy New Beat gem released on Indisc Records in 1988.


  • Paris-Istanbul (Remix)
  • Takis Beat


T-R-P – This Is The Place (1989)

Very nice single released by project T-R-P (Peter Gillis, Ronald Vanhuffel, Thierry Thielemans) issued in 1980 on Belgian based label MG Records.


  • This Is The Place (Dance Mix)
  • This Is The Place (Sample Mix)



Zinno – Russian Roulette (1989)

Killer New Beat cut originally released on Who’s That Beat? (Brussels)


  • Russian Roulette (New Beat Mix)
  • Russian Roulette (House Mix)
  • Russian Roulette (Techno Mix)


Zsa Zsa La Boum – Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas? (1989)

Wonder single by Zsa Zsa “La Boum” released on small label Complete Kaos in 1989.


  • Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?
  • Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas? (Instrumental)

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