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Cheap Magic, Part Two

Today I’ll be sharing 20 cool releases you can buy on Music Basement for under $5… Perfect gifts, italo-disco, deep house, balearic and many more. Get them at as soon as possible…

4-Mega – Drop This / Higher (1992)

4-Mega - Drop This / Higher

Very first 12″ single released by 4-Mega (Micky, Rupert, Tom & Dave) on small UK Hardcore Jungle / Drum & Bass label label White House Records.


  • Drop This
  • Higher


B. Rose – Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music) (1983)

B. Rose - Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music)

Killer obscure italo-disco by B. Rose released on based in Italy label American Disco. The flip side is a Instrumental version.


  • Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music) (Vox)
  • Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music) (Instrumental)


Block Sistem – Don’t Leave Me Now (1983)

Block Sistem - Don't Leave Me Now

Monster 12” by Block Sistem released in 1983 on small Italian label Rabbit Records.


  • Don't Leave Me Now
  • Don't Leave Me Now (Instrumental Version)


Dayana – Tente Outra Vez / Estado de Graça (1985)

Dayana - Tente Outra Vez / Estado de Graça

MPB record sung Dayana and produced by Luciano Alves on obscure label Arca Som Records.


  • Tente Outra Vez
  • Estado de Graça (State Of Independence)


Dhaima – Sweat Till Your Body’s Wet (2018 RE)

Dhaima - Sweat Till Your Body's Wet

Killer reissue of Dhaima classic tune released in 1982 on small private label RQP.


  • Sweat Till Your Body's Wet


Forbidden Fruits – Disco Halloween (1986)

Forbidden Fruits - Disco Halloween

Monster Italo-Disco 12” by Italy band Forbidden Fruits on Discomagic Records in 1986. A true masterpiece. A must have!


  • Disco Halloween (Vocal)
  • Disco Halloween (Instrumental)


Liquid Liquid – Bellhead / Push 7” (1981)

Liquid Liquid - Bellhead / Push

Interesting release by band Liquid Liquid released on 99 Records in 1981.


  • Bellhead (Rerecorded)
  • Push (Rerecorded)


Lustt – Pillow Talk (1983)

Lustt - Pillow Talk

Ultra classy tune produced by Belgian band Lustt. However, we can regret that the version offered on this 12” release is different from the one featured on the 1983 original Pillow Talk. A stunning song in any case!


  • Pillow Talk
  • Pillow Talk (Instrumental)


Margie Lomax – God’s Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman (1980)

Margie Lomax - God's Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman

Margie Lomax is known in the 80’s Disco community for her one and only single “God’s Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman” released on a short-lived New York disco label Golden Flamingo Records in 1980.


  • God's Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman
  • God's Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman


Metropole – Miss Manhattan (1981)

Metropole - Miss Manhattan

Ultra in-demand early 80’s disco Italy boogie gem released in 1981 on Derby Records.


  • Miss Manhattan
  • Miss Manhattan


MRC – A Love You Can Feel (1991)

MRC - A Love You Can Feel

Outstanding and underrated early 90’s Deep House 12 inch released on US label R-Tyme Records on which other Deep House bangers were released in 1990-91 (Donnovan , The Rhythm Scholar).


  • A Love You Can Feel (Petty Mix)
  • A Love You Can Feel (Instrumental Mix)
  • A Love You Can Feel (Vocal Mix)


Pineapples – Come On Closer (2005)

Pineapples - Come On Closer

Cool early 80’s Italo-Disco single released on Flexx Records in 2005, backed with a nice dub version.


  • Come On Closer (Extended Club Mix)
  • Come On Closer (Dub Mix)


Révolution Française – Discocorico 7” (1978)

Révolution Française - Discocorico

This single provides us with two absolutely amazing tracks produced by Jean-Pierre Massiera who also worked on various French space-disco/synth projects. Another release:


  • Discocorico
  • Translocomotion


Sony Enang – Don’t Stop That Music (1982)

Sony Enang - Don't Stop That Music

Undoubtedly one of the best African Boogie LP ever released.


  • Discolypso
  • Hold On
  • Good Morning
  • Don't Stop That Music
  • You Are the One
  • Give It To Me
  • Life
  • Where Were You


Starvue – Body Fusion (1980)

Starvue - Body Fusion

Here comes another underrated US soul dancer that we discovered years ago.


  • Body Fusion (Short Version)
  • Body Fusion (Long Version)


Swamp Children – Taste Whats Rhythm (1982)

Swamp Children - Taste Whats Rhythm

This is the third release brought by British underground studio project Swamp Children on Belgium-based label Factory Benelux.


  • Taste What's Rhythm
  • You've Got Me Beat
  • Softly Saying Goodbye


The Residents – B.S. (2019)

The Residents - B.S.

Nice and in-demand piece of late-80’s synth soul out of San Francisco, US.


  • We Stole This Riff
  • Holelottadick
  • B.S
  • Deepsea Diver Song
  • King Kong
  • Cantaten to Der Dyin Prunen
  • Intro Tape _ Somethin' Devilish
  • N. Senada Tribute
  • The Fourth Crucifixion
  • James Dean's Death
  • Very Long Suite


The Stormmers – Lovers Song (1981)

The Stormmers - Lovers Song

This is the first album released by Nigerian band The Stormmers.


  • Lover's Song
  • Love Or Money
  • Super D. Jay
  • Sexy Woman
  • Atlantic Breeze
  • Be A Lover


Visitors – Dies Irae (1974)

Visitors - Dies Irae

Very obscure US Experimental, Prog Rock release on famous label Decca Records.


  • Dies Irae
  • Flatwoods Story


Vivien Vee – With Vivien Vee (1983)

Vivien Vee - With Vivien Vee

This album by Italian singer Vivien Vee (real name: Viviana Andreattini) was released on label Banana Records.


  • Destiny
  • Just For Me
  • Higher
  • Blue Disease
  • Wanna Feel
  • Gotta Go



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